January 21, 2012

Week 3 Organize Food Storage Areas

This week has been a challenge for me and I'm not done. Why? Well....you'll see.

Upper main cabinet before

Upper main cabinet after

Lower main cabinet (pantry storage) before

Lower main cabinet (pantry storage) after

Some of our canned goods. There's really not much to do but fit like items on each shelf.

and then.......

My problem area.
I hate it, I can't reach or see anything (it's above my stove). I haven't been able to find a storage solution for my spices that I'd care for except maybe Ikea (but that's months before I make a run out there). So, if you have any ideas feel free to suggest away!

The Day After....

Day 21

The day after the snow blew in. Even the kitties were out playing :)


Day 20

Major snow falling. This is one of the first plows I saw all night. They weren't out very much and it was most definitely difficult to drive.